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About Resurrection Auto Detailing LLC

Here at Resurrection Auto Detailing, we strive everyday to change lives, one car at a time. With just one visit, we can resurrect your vehicle to what you never thought possible. A spotless interior, YES we mean spotless. We will remove every speck of dirt and dust possible. Next, we will leave your exterior shining more than you have ever seen before. You will find sparkling tires and streak-free windows and mirrors. Finally, we will thoroughly cleanse the carpets, seats, and anything else that seems to be in need of attention, leaving you to ride in style like never before.

Although you may not know it yet, a resurrection is exactly what your car needs. And we understand you are a busy person, that is why we have created a very convenient “come-to-you” system; where we will travel straight to your house in order to keep you feeling comfortable, cozy, and quite literally “at home.” Not only will we take extremely great care of your vehicle, but we will also take care of you, to ensure you leave feeling happy, satisfied, and most importantly RESURRECTED.

Our lovely Founders.

Founders: Jerome and Sarah Salmon

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