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Graphene Ceramic Coating Advanced 60ML

Made of silicon dioxide, a ceramic coating is a type of clear semi-permanent auto body protection. It won’t guard against stone chips or scratches but it will protect your car’s exterior from things like tree sap, bird droppings, and bug guts. Unlike car wax, a ceramic coating creates a tough bond with the surface of the vehicle, so it doesn’t need to be applied as often. You can use it on top of paint-protection film or a vehicle wrap as well as on wheels, trim, and glass. In fact, it’s particularly useful on the windshield, as ceramic coating has hydrophobic qualities, causing water to form beads and slide off the surface. Cast your eye on any video demonstration wherein someone tosses a bucket of murky water against a ceramic-coated car and the results will leave you slack-jawed in amazement. Although no automotive-detailing expert worth his or her salt would suggest this treatment eliminates the need for car washes, it is effective at repelling dirt, mud, and grime.

Ceramic Coating

Things Ceramic Coating Can Do.

  • Protect from harmful UV rays.

  • Protect from chemical stains.

  • Provides hydrophobic properties, ease of cleaning.

  • Candy-like gloss look.

Freshly applied ceramic coating


Price varies per vehicle . Call or text (716) 903-8789 to get an accurate Quote.

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